The Backpackers Guide to Hawai`i

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  • The trips and chapters listed below have updates.
  • The most recent updates have a red date.
  • Text changes are underlined in the updates.
  • The new 2018 edition of the Hikers Guide to the Hawaiian Islands has updated descriptions of the Halape, Haleakala, and Kalalau backpacks.

Trip/Chapter Last Update
Backpacking Tips 09/30/99
Closed Trips 01/27/02
Halape 09/30/99
Halape (via Keauhou Trail) 11/15/99
Haleakala 09/30/99
Ka`aha 09/30/99 
Kalalau 09/30/99
Koai`e-Waimea 01/27/02
Ko`olau Summit 06/02/00
Ko`olau Summit (Pupukea to La`ie) 06/02/00
Makua Rim 10/29/99
Mauna Loa 09/30/99
Mohihi-Koai`e 01/27/02
Napau Crater 09/30/99
Trip Categories 09/30/99
Waimanu Valley 09/30/99


Last Update: 11/10/18

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