UPDATE - The Backpackers Guide to Hawai`i




Call or write the National Park for a brochure, trail map and camping information. The visitor center phone number is (808) 985-6000, and the address is Superintendent, Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, HI 96718......

..... There is a public bus, known as Hele-on, from Hilo to the National Park once a day. Call the Hawai`i County Transit System at (808) 961-8744 for the current schedule......


Trailhead Directions

..... Turn right on Hilina Pali Rd.
Pass the closed Kipuka Nene campground on the left.
Reach the end of the road at Hilina pali overlook .....


DAY THREE - Ka`aha to Hilina Pali overlook

.... you have the morning to snorkel in the cove or walk the coast.

On the way to Hilina Pali the route passes several lava tubes. They are usually formed in pahoehoe flows that are confined, such as in a gully. The top and edges of the flow cool and crust over. The lava inside continues to flow through the resulting tunnel. Eventually, the flow diminishes and stops, leaving a tube. Do not enter any of the lava tubes, because their fragile ecosystems are extremely vulnerable to unintentional damage.


Last Update: 09/30/99

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