UPDATE - The Backpackers Guide to Hawai`i

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Heiau are early Hawaiian places of worship with stone or earth platforms. Do not disturb heiau, other ancient sites, or artifacts you may come upon while hiking. In addition, do not build new ahu (rock cairns) because they may confuse other hikers and local archaelogists.



..... The bacteria can enter the body through the nose, mouth, eyes, or open cuts.

The incubation period is generally one to three weeks. Symptoms resemble those of the flu---fever, chills, sweating, head and muscle aches, weakness, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you show the symptoms during the incubation period, see your doctor immediately and mention that you have been exposed to stream water. If left untreated, the symptoms may persist for a few days to several weeks. In rare cases the disease may become more severe and even lead to death.


Rock Falls:

Rock falls occur sporadically on steep slopes in the mountains. Most are small, and/or take place away from the trail or when no one is around. As rock falls occur with little or no warning, there is not much you can do about them. If caught in a rock fall, protect your head with your arms and pack and hope for the best. The most susceptible trips are Waimanu Valley and Kalalau.


Last Update: 09/30/99

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