UPDATE - The Hikers Guide to O`ahu


Route Description (completely revised):

            Walk mauka (inland) toward the school entrance, marked by a gate and a large sign.
            Just before reaching the gate, turn left onto a trail and enter Pupukea Paumalu State Park Reserve.
            The trail curves right, paralleling the edge of the school parking lot.
            Ascend gradually through tall grass and koa haole trees toward a pali (cliff).
            Past a banyan tree, veer left and climb steeply on makeshift steps. Ropes may provide some assistance in the slippery sections.
            At a picnic table on the left, keep right up a second set of steps.
            Reach a junction at the top of the pali (map point B). Turn right onto a contour trail to begin the loop in a counterclockwise direction. (To the left is the return portion of the loop.)
            Descend briefly into a small gully and turn left up it through ironwood trees.
            Reach a signed T junction. Turn right onto the Secret trail. The route is marked with circular white blazes on the trees.
            At the top of a ridge, keep left at another junction following the painted white blotches. (To the right a side trail leads to a view point.)
            The trail splits. Keep right, as indicated by a red arrow in a white circle.
            After meandering for a bit, keep left at a junction marked by two white dots.
            Just after a wooden lean-to on the left, turn right onto the Secret trail following the blazes.
            Reach another marked junction. Turn left on the unblazed Lean-to trail. (On the right is the blazed Secret trail.)
            Descend gradually following the edge of Pakulena Gulch.
            Continue straight across an intersecting trail.
            Climb steadily to reach a junction with a wide dirt road. Turn left on it and begin to contour.
            Reach a 4-way junction with another dirt road in a bare, eroded area. Bear slightly right to cross the intersection.
            Pass a marked junction with the Oddley trail on the right. Stay on the road.
            Reach a junction (elevation 560 feet) (map point C) (UTM 04 0599667E, 2395610N). Turn left onto a trail marked by white blazes and informally known as Kahikilani. (The road bears right past a huge fallen tree that once spanned the road.)
            At the next junction turn left on the Beaver trail following the white dots.
            Pass a barbed wire fence and the remains of a corral on the right.
            The trail splits. Keep right, as indicated by a red arrow in a white circle.
            Continue straight across a 4-way junction, now on the Boulders trail.
            At the next junction turn right, still on the Boulders Trail and still following the white blazes.
            Skirt to the right of an eroded slope with small boulders. The route hugs the edge of Paumalu Gulch.
            The trail ends at a dirt road by a concrete disc. Turn right on the road toward the ocean.
            Reach a concrete observation post with a view of the north shore (map point E) (UTM 04 0598986E, 2395610N). Watch for humpback whales in season.
            Backtrack mauka (inland) on the road.
            Almost immediately reach a junction. Turn right onto a wide contour trail. (The dirt road continues uphill.)
            Contour above the pali.
            Reach the familiar junction (map point B), which ends the loop. Turn right and backtrack to the neighborhood park (map point A). Remember to keep left by the picnic table.


Last Update: 10/13/17

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